ESL – Easy Questions for Beginners

Are they outdoors? No. They are indoors.
Are both men looking at the computer screen? No. One of them is looking at it.
What color is the cup? It is white.

What are they holding in their hands? They are holding papers.
Is the man wearing glasses? No. The woman is wearing glasses.
Do both papers have holes? Yes, they do.

Where is the keyboard? It is on the table.
Is the keyboard upside-down? No, it isn’t.
Is the floor messy? No. It is clean.

What color is the girl’s shirt? It is green.
How many people are there in the picture? There is one person.
What is the girl looking at? She is looking at the computer screen.

Are there a couple benches in the picture? No. There is only one bench.
What is on the bench? There is snow on the bench.
Do the trees have leaves? No. They have no leaves.

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