ESL Questions & Answers For Beginners

Is kitchen messy? No. It is clean.
Where is the black coffee maker? It is in the corner.
Where is the electric oven? It is on the left.

How many people are there in the picture? There are five people in the picture.
Where is the bear? It is on the yellow container.
Is the boy facing the camera? Yes, he is.

What color are the sofas? They are blue.
Are the walls all white? No. They are white and blue.
Are the magazines on the floor? No. They are on the table.

What is the man doing? He is reading a book.
What color is the man’s jacket? It is black.
Does the man have a beard? Yes, he does.

What are the men doing? They are looking at horses.
Are all of the men wearing cowboy hats? No. Two of the men are wearing cowboy hats.
Is there a man wearing shorts? No. Every man is wearing jeans.

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